Top 5 stunning beaches in New Zealand

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Residents of Oakland are one of the luckiest citizens in the world due to the close placement of their city to the magnificent beaches. At any time when they are tired of the city bustle, they can relax there. Here is the top 5 beaches in New Zealand, that should be known before going to New Zealand.

  • 1.Piha Beach

    Piha Beach Piha is one of the best places for surfing in New Zealand from 1930-ies. It has plenty of surf clubs and schools. It is also regarded as one of the best wild beaches in the world. The rare black sand makes the beach unique in its kind. The dark sand is the result of a volcanic eruption at Lake Taupo, which occurred several thousand years ago. The beach has all facilities for tourists like picnic areas, campsites, shops and cafes. It takes 50 minutes to drive from Oakland to the beach and the road itself is very picturesque, so the vacation starts immediately as soon as you leave the city.

  • 2.Karekare

    Karekare This beach has become popular due to the movie "Piano" which was shot in these places and began to appear in 1993. The island is a vast, unbeatable beauty of natural expanses of black sand, produced from the volcanoes that surround the huge cliffs of the rocks. Karekare is situated on the coast of the Tasman Sea. It is possible to meet there wild animals of New Zealand. Cozy coastline is surrounded by green hills, where a variety of ferns, Manuka, cabbage tree grow. There is magnificent Karekare waterfall, which is hidden in a small forest.

  • 3.Coromandel Beach

    Coromandel Beach Being in New Zealand without visiting Coromandel Beach, which is located on the island with the same strange name, means nothing to see. It has snow-white expanse of sand, washed by surf and rain, corroded by wind, and surrounded by rocks. They rise up high right out of the water in a fantastic way, keeping the balance. One can come here for diving, surfing and similar water sports. This place is also famous for real gold rush, which happened in the sixties of the nineteenth century when the gold dust was discovered.

  • 4.Hot Water Beach

    Hot Water Beach If you decide to visit something, that really unusual and exotic, you should guide your way here - to the Hot Water beach. What is the special charm of the Hot water beach? In fact, it's quite simple - it is a natural Spa pool that everyone can create for themselves. The fact lies in the numerous very hot springs that are under a layer of sand. It is not surprising due to the volcanic origin of the island. And remember that the chance to find hot mineral water is possible only at low tide!

  • 5.Tauranga

    Tauranga New Zealand Tauranga beach, as the most crowded in the whole country, attracts a great number of tourists and vacationers. If you are looking for the active leisure and water fun, go there without hesitation. The beach is pretty big and has white sand of an enviable purity, which is fine and pleasant to the touch. Divers will be amazed by the variety of species that fill the coastal waters. There is a special excursion, which allows see dolphins, often swimming along the beach.

New Zealand is famous for its stunning nature and beautiful beaches can prove it without any doubts. Widely developed environmental movement allows keeping this entire splendor in almost pristine condition, even in areas of large cities.


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