Jack Spratt New Zealand Flax

About New Zealand / May 28, 2017

Sunset climate zones:7 - 9, 14 - 24

Growth habit:Compact

Growth rate:Fast

Average landscape size:Reaches 18 in. tall and wide.


Design IdeasThese little bronze strap-leafed plants are resilient yet lend a decidedly tropical character to any planting. Smaller size means they fit nicely into city gardens, courtyards and along side yards. Excellent reed-like plant for contrast around water gardens or as part of a dry streambed. Even goes well in rock gardens. Try clumps of them in very unusual high-profile bronze or hammered copper containers, or glossy Asian glazed pots that contrast with their upright character. Victorians loved to plant them in Roman-style pedestal urns flanking an entry walk.

Companion PlantsThis flax belongs in small gardens. Where there is a tropical theme, plant with other diminuitive exotics like Silvery Sunproof Lilyturf, (Liriope muscari 'Silvery Sunproof'), Heartleaf Bergenia, (Bergenia cordifolia), Spike Gayfeather, (Liatris spicata) and Miniature Gardenia, (Gardenia jasminoides 'Radicans'). Exceptionally nice with Peruvian Lily, (Alstroemeria-Hybrids) or Creeping Mahonia, (Mahonia repens)