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About New Zealand / December 20, 2019

Josie Dew is a fantastic cyclist, author and cook. Throughout her life she has made her living by utilizing her catering skills, and has used this to fund her bicycle adventures. Acquiring a taste for travel at a young age, she set off on her first trip when she was just a teenager and today has cycled through over 48 countries. Her writings are funny, sharp and engrossing. tells the story of her adventures on two wheels over nine months across the islands of New Zealand.

The Bone People (1984) by Keri Hulme

Since winning the Booker Prize in 1985, has gone on to become increasingly popular. As his first novel, Hulme takes the reader to the South Island of New Zealand and along the stunning beaches of the west coast. A peculiar mixture of love story and tale of mystery, the novel works around the relationship of three difficult characters: an artist, an adopted father and a son. The eeriness of the story is highlighted by themes of isolation, such as when the artist hides away in a tower, alienating herself from society, and violent occurrences found throughout the book add a distinct poignancy to this tale.

The 1 Thing: A Small Epic Journey Down New Zealand’s Mother Road (2006) by Bob Moore

The ultimate road trip text for New Zealand, follows the travels of author Bob Moore along the famous State Highway 1: a main road that cuts right through both North and South Islands, from the northern peak at Cape Reinga to the southern Bluff Harbor. Along its path the road links all the major cities of New Zealand to many of the smaller, lesser-known towns. Moore tells the stories of his adventures and the activities he takes part in along the way. He cleverly and lightheartedly looks at the cultures and people he encounters, as well as the amazing landscapes the country has to offer. Using his humor, excitable nature and captivating writing style, Moore invites the reader to hop in and ride along with him on this incredible journey.

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