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About New Zealand / May 20, 2017

If you love the sun, you’re bound to soak up plenty of rays while you’re here.

Coastal Bay of Plenty is home to New Zealand’s sunniest town, Whakatane, which basks in more than 2000 sunshine hours every year. And our region’s biggest city, Tauranga, isn’t far behind in the sunshine stakes. That’s why tens of thousands of visitors flock to our white sand beaches every year, especially in the hot summer months.

Our reputation for blue skies, mild temperatures and light winds is due to our unique topography. The Bay of Plenty’s 125km-long coastline is extensively sheltered by the Coromandel, Kaimai and Mamaku Ranges. This means we receive less frequent rainfall than other parts of New Zealand.

Our sheltered shores, combined with a warm ocean current that runs along the east coast of the North Island, also means our seas are among the calmest and warmest you’ll find anywhere in New Zealand. Average sea surface temperatures range from around 14°C in August up to 20-21°C during February.

We experience four distinct seasons in the Bay of Plenty:

Our Seasons

Spring (September – November)

Windy but has mild daytime temperatures of around 24°C, falling to 5°C at night.

Summer (December – February)

Warm and dry with temperatures reaching 28°C or more. Overnight temperatures rarely dip below 10°C but thunderstorms can sometimes occur in the evening.

Autumn (March – May)

Tends to be our wettest months but temperatures are still mild averaging 21°C during the day and dropping to 4°C at night.

Winter (June - August)

The coolest time of year to visit, with temperatures averaging 15°C during the day and falling to 1°C or 2°C overnight.

Be Safe in the Sun

UV rays are extremely high in the Bay of Plenty (as they are throughout New Zealand due to our close proximity to Antarctica’s ozone hole). Make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen, wear a hat and seek shade during spring, summer and early autumn.