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Weather Omaha New Zealand

About New Zealand / May 16, 2017

Sea temperature

Wetsuit recommended

Forecast set face

Sea height






Forecast wind & wave conditions

Every 6 hours

The daily rating is the best rating as forecast for that day. The forecast wind and waves above have been automatically generated by MetOcean Solutions Ltd's computer weather modeling system and have not been moderated by MetService forecasters. They may vary from those in the corresponding coastal or recreational marine forecast produced by our forecast team.

Explanation of terms:

Chop: represents the locally generated short-period (

Sea: (or Significant Wave Height) the combination of the various groundswells and chops making your local sea state. It is not a straight forward sum of Swell+Chop.

Swell: represents the groundswell that has travelled a great distance from its generation area. It's clearly identified as a surfable wave and what would make a big vessel roll slowly.

Source: www.metservice.com