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New Zealand Accommodation / October 15, 2019

Life’s ultimate refreshment is a good night’s sleep. For some the ultimate is the finest linen atop a four-poster bed, for other's it's camping under the stars aside a stream. Whatever it is you want we'll arrange it for you.

Nobody has better access to New Zealand’s leading luxury accommodation, including luxury lodges, villas, hotels, B&B’s and private islands. Each is unique, offering its own distinct array of sights, sounds, tastes and personalities.

The entire Seasonz team spend time in these very places, with the proprietors, so we know everything there is to know: from the different views of the various rooms to the tastes of the chef and the style of the managers.

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the wide range of luxury properties that we choose to include in our tailor-made itineraries. As promised, whether you’re looking for a private island or the ultimate camping experience, we have the solution and here they are...