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Northland New Zealand accommodation

Experience the fascinating culture and spectacular environment of the region considered to be New Zealand’s birthplace. A stay in our Northland accommodation allows you to discover some of the most important parts of New Zealand’s history. It is widely believed that Hokianga Harbour was the original landing place of the first Polynesian voyagers to New Zealand in the 11th Century. This historic notion is kept alive today by the large Maori population still living in Northland and the fact that Northland is also home to the countries founding document, the Waitangi Treaty. Visit our Northland hotels to explore the expansive coastline, on either side. On the west coast wander the pure white sand of ninety mile beach, not quite aptly named as it actually measures 88 kilometres. The beach is officially a highway, so if you have a 4WD drive this breathtaking strip of coastline or hop on one of the coach trips that operate daily. Northland was also the location of New Zealand’s first European settlement, and its oldest buildings can be found here. See the Stone Store, St James Church and Mission House in Kerikeri, the town "so nice they named it twice" from your Northland accommodation. And while you’re there follow the art trail, including Northland Polytechnic, which is a centre for New Zealand glass artists.