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New Zealand holiday Dates

New Zealand Holiday / April 23, 2021

We currently have school holiday and term dates for 2017 and 2018 listed. Scroll down to view.

Most schools across New Zealand follow very similar school term calendars to each other. However, exact school term dates and holidays are determined by each individual school within guidelines set by the Ministry of Education (in line with the Education Act 1989).

Therefore, it’s possible that the start-date and end-date of the school year can vary from school to school. However, school holidays at the end of Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3 definitely start on the same day for all schools across the country.

The tables below for school holidays include the possible variations in start and finish dates for the school year. Please note the minor differences between primary and secondary schools.

School holidays in New Zealand are a prime time for families to travel. So, make sure to book your holiday plans including campsites, flights or hotels in advance, so that you don’t miss out or pay a premium. A very popular school holiday period of the year for travel is the Term 1 break, which often coincides with Easter. Equally popular for travel is the Christmas school holiday break that generally runs for 5-6 weeks – the longest break in the school calendar.

The school holidays 2017 and 2018 dates below are from the Ministry of Education website, so are considered the official dates.

School Holidays 2017

Term 1 Term 1
Holidays Term 2 Term 2
Holidays Term 3 Term 3
Holidays Term 4 Primary & Intermediate Holidays Primary & Intermediate
15 Dec 2017 (Fri)
Holidays Starts Finishes

School Holidays 2018

Term 1
Holidays Term 2
Holidays Term 3
Holidays Term 4 Primary & Intermediate Holidays Primary & Intermediate

Source: publicholidays.co.nz