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New Zealand holiday destinations

New Zealand Holiday / September 21, 2017

  • Be prepared for heavy traffic - particularly on the main State Highways
  • Take care whilst driving
  • Book accommodation well in advance

The following places are popular summer holiday destinations in New Zealand:

See our New Zealand regional climate chart for approximate summer temperatures throughout New Zealand.

Autumn: March 1 - May 31

During the New Zealand autumn season most tourist destinations are relatively uncrowded. There are no particularly notable autumn holiday destations, but many holiday makers are out, making the most of the last of the warm weather โ€“ particularly around the Easter break.

During Autumn in New Zealand:

  • Drive carefully on the roads during the busy Easter weekend break
  • Watch for icy roads as winter draws near
Winter: June 1 - August 31

Winter in New Zealand means an influx of visitors to alpine resort towns up and down the country. All skiing areas and resorts are likely to be busy, particularly during the New Zealand winter school holidays.

During Winter in New Zealand:

  • Drive carefully - watch for ice, and check for road closures or road weather warnings

Source: www.fourcorners.co.nz