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New Zealand Holiday / May 17, 2021

The sparsely populated islands of New Zealand have magnificent, unspoiled scenery and make a superb destination for a horseback riding vacation. Our tour takes place just two hours out of Auckland so you can easily stop there on the way to or from Australia. This program can be custom tailored to do virtually anytime your schedule permits. The temperate climate makes it possible to ride there any month of the year. Maoris, the original settlers, were a Polynesian people like the Hawaiians who navigated thousands of miles in their open canoes to reach previously uninhabited New Zealand about 800 years ago. Much of their ancient heritage still thrives to enrich the culture of the islands. The English settlers did not begin to arrive until the early 19th century. The country has a strong equestrian reputation and consistently produces of the world’s top 3 day event riders and some champion performance horses.

This beautifully green, agricultural country is a lovely setting for equestrian vacations. You will ride through forests and traverse farmlands and pastures where they raise red deer, dairy cows and, of course, sheep for which New Zealand is famous. You will also canter to your heart’s content on endless miles of uninhabited beach with sand dunes on one side and strong waves from the mighty Pacific beating down on the other. You will be honored guests in the comfortable farmhouse of your hosts whose hospitality is legendary. The broad choice of fresh sea food, vegetables, fruit and meat, to say nothing of the fine New Zealand wines is mouth-watering and you will have a good appetite to appreciate it after an active day of horseback riding.