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New Zealand Immigration Working holiday visa

New Zealand Holiday / June 11, 2019

If the conditions of your work, student or visitor visa no longer suit your situation, you may be able to apply for a variation of conditions.

Temporary visas such as work, student or visitor visas are granted with conditions telling you what you are allowed to do while you’re on the visa. These conditions can be things like working in a particular job or studying at a particular education provider.

If your visa conditions no longer match your circumstances, you may apply for a variation of conditions. However in some situations you may need to apply for a new visa instead.

Criteria for a variation of conditions

We can only vary the conditions of your visa if the new conditions you are asking for align with the reason your visa was originally granted. For example we may be able to vary the conditions of your student visa to study a different course, but if you want to stop studying and start working full-time you must apply for a work visa.

The information you need to provide with your variation of conditions application depends on your circumstances.

You have a work visa and want to change the job, employer or location

You must provide:

  • Offer of employment
  • Employment Agreement
  • 'Employer Supplementary' form (INZ 1113) completed by your new employer
  • 'Application for a Variation of Conditions or a Variation of Travel Conditions' (INZ1020)
  • Application fee

If you have an essential skills work visa, and your job isn't on the skill shortage lists, you can only vary your employer. Otherwise essential skills work visa holders need to apply for a new work visa to change job or location.

You have a work visa and want to study part-time

You can study for less than 3 months if you hold a work visa, or less than 6 months if you hold a working holiday visa, without varying the conditions of your visa.

To do other study for more than 3 months you must provide:

  • Offer of place
  • Evidence you've paid the tution fees

You have a visitor visa and want to study

You can study for less than three months without varying your visitor visa. If you want to study for longer, you should apply for a student visa.

Seasonal work

If the Ministry of Social Development declares a seasonal labour shortage you can request to vary your visitor visa to work for 6 weeks to do seasonal work in the region where there is a shortage.

There are currently no seasonal labour shortages.

Visitors can only undertake seasonal work once each visit to New Zealand.

Guardian of a student

If you have a Guardian of a student visitor visa and want to work part-time you must provide:

  • Employment agreement
  • 'Employer supplementary form (INZ 1113)

Guardians of student visitor visa holders can only work Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 2.30 pm.

You have a student visa and want to work

You may be allowed to Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Part-time work (Tertiary students)

You can work up to 20 hours a week if you’re studying full-time for any of the following:

  • for at least 2 years
  • for a New Zealand qualification that gains points under the Skilled Migrant Category
  • to develop English language skills, on a course that meets certain conditions
  • for a foundation programme for at least 1 academic year at level 4 or higher on the New Zealand Qualification Framework(NZQF), at an education provider in Canterbury.

Source: www.immigration.govt.nz