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Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

New Zealand Hotels / March 13, 2017

Waitanic Ship Motel UnitPART OF OUR HISTORY
This boat is part of New Zealand's History as 12 were built for anti submarine patrol in the Islands during WWII and only a couple survived including this one, The Motunui, which is now renamed as The Waitanic.

Waitanic Ship Motel:

The Captain’s Unit- Unit 1 consists of 3 levels. The top level is living/dining room with full kitchen, small bathroom and own small deck. The 2nd level contains master bedroom with Queen size bed and it’s own deck. The 3rd level has 2 rooms with 2 single beds in each and Main Bathroom. This unit costs $260.00NZ per double and .00NZ each extra person.

The Britanic Unit - Unit 2 can sleep up to 4 people. There is a queen bed, a small kitchette then down stairs, in the hull; there are two single beds and the bathroom. This unit cost 0.00NZ per double and .00NZ each extra person.

Waitanic ShipThe Titanic Unit - Unit 3 can sleep up to 6 people. There is a Super King bed, and down stairs, in the hull are two rooms with two single beds in each room and the bathroom. This unit cost 5.00NZ per double and .00NZ each extra person.

The Endevour Unit - Unit 4 can sleep one couple. The unit has a king size bed with a double spa bath down stairs. This unit costs $190.00NZ for a couple.

The Olympic Unit- Unit 5 can sleep up to 5 people On the deck level is the living area and Kitchenette. There is a lovely deck area outside. Down in the hull together with the bathroom are two bedrooms: a double room with a King size bed and a separate room with three single beds. The cost of this unit is $240.00NZ double and .00NZ each extra person.

Source: www.waitomomotel.co.nz