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New Zealand Travel Diary

New Zealand Travel / November 25, 2016

There are so many different reason why New Zealand should be on your bucket list this 2017! Whatever you are searching for, you will find it right here. Hayley Vincent is one of our favorite contributor and a regular here on Travel Junkie Diary.


In search for peace and serenity

In a world where time is everything, where people’s lives revolve around getting from A to B or rushing to the next destination without ever stopping, it’s a welcomed change to arrive in New Zealand and find the urge to rush around has vanished. It’s been replaced with views of the most awe-inspiring landscapes and a laid-back, relaxed way of life, with time to just sit back, breath deeply and enjoy every moment. When you arrive you’ll be instantly in awe at how beautiful this country is, with snow-topped mountains, rivers and lakes surrounding every area, you’ll never be more than a few minutes away from a breathtaking view. With it’s population being only 4 million, it’s easy to feel like you’ve found a small slice of paradise away from the crowds, for me it was certainly a welcomed change to the 8 million people that populate London! Once you have left the cities, New Zealand becomes one of those places that you can get away from that busy, fast paced lifestyle which people get so used to, it’s not hard to feel like you can truly unwind when you could spend an afternoon hiking and find yourself not seeing anyone else for the entire day! Peace and serenity at it’s best. Throughout my time in New Zealand I was often told that I speak fast and walk fast and this got me thinking, maybe we do all need to take a step back, slow down, look around and take a few moments each day where we can really appreciate the amazing world we live in.

The People You Meet

I travelled around New Zealand on my own and to a lot of people this would be very daunting, I was a bit apprehensive at first but it was clear that from day one that were not reason for me to feel that at all. From the great people I met at the multiple hostels I stayed at, to the friends I made on a 5-hour bus journey down to Milford Sound, I was surrounded by like-minded people my whole trip. There were travellers from all corners of the world, eager to get to know one another and all excited about exploring what New Zealand had to offer.

Then there is the locals or Kiwi’s as they are known! They are some of the most welcoming people I have come across, making me feeling comfortable and totally at ease for the entirety of my stay. You can’t enter a shop or stroll past someone without them saying ‘How’s it going?’ with genuine interest.

The people you travel with play a huge part in how much you enjoy yourself and I managed to share my time in NZ with new friends that I have made for life.

In search of Adrenaline

For all those thrill seekers out there, New Zealand is definitely the place to go. Being the country that discovered the bungee jump and having the third highest jumping platform in the world, no wonder this place is known for its outrageously fun activities. On arriving in New Zealand I’d heard that it was a must to do something crazy, whether it be a skydive or a bungee jump, but in all honesty, I was feeling pretty apprehensive and they certainly weren’t on the top of my to-do list. However, after little bit if persuasion I soon found myself getting briefed on what to do during a skydive and then before I knew it I was up in a plane about to jump out 15, 000 ft over Queenstown.

Verdict?…The best thing I have ever done.

If you know that throwing yourself out of a plane isn’t for you then don’t let that put you off, New Zealand offers such a wide range of activities to get your adventure juices flowing, water rafting, canyoning, hand gliding and jet boating are just a few of the other exciting activities on offer.

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