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Travelling around New Zealand in a campervan

New Zealand Travel / August 9, 2017

Going on holiday in a motorhome is, for many travellers, a new experience. So you’ll certainly have many questions about this mode of travel that offers so much freedom!

Below you will find ten practical tips for a successful motorhome trip.

1. Choosing the right vehicle.

Each motorhome has a particular layout and equipment, so, depending on your needs it is important that you choose the vehicle that best suits you. For example: If you want to do a lot of camping in remote areas choose a vehicle with a large water tank, a filter for tap water and solar panels.

If you are two adults travelling together but don’t want to make and unmake your bed every day, choose a motorhome that sleeps four.

Ask our specialists for which type of vehicle is right for you and your family/friends.

2. What is and isn’t included in the price of the rental.

Each rental offers different benefits. Indeed, some rentals have hidden costs such as diesel tax, driver fees and others such as deposits and filling the petrol tank ... It’s important therefore to take these costs into account because some rentals which seem cheap at first may actually end up being much more expensive. If you take the all inclusive insurance these 'extra' items are generally included (depends on rental supplier).
Don’t hesitate to seek advice from our team, we can help you with comparing motorhomes.

3. Do I need insurance and if so which one?

This question comes up quite a lot. If you want a holiday with confidence the answer is YES you need insurance, but what’s the right one?
You have three options open to you:
  • Insurance by your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex...). This option isn’t possible most of the time because the rented vehicle is often more or 3.5 times over 8m3. You need to check with your bank about the conditions of this type of insurance.
  • As an addition to your travel insurance. Some insurances, in addition to the standard elements (repatriation, illness...), have coverage in case of an accident. However you will be charged by the rental company the amount of the damage and reimbursed by insurance a few weeks later. This is an option if you can afford to put aside $5, 000NZD or more for the duration of your holiday.
  • The rental insurance for a motorhome. Deciphering the different options can be quite difficult and the most expensive is not necessarily the best but if the two above options have failed you will need this insurance. Read our page on insurance for more information.
NB: All of our partners offer a 24h/7 roadside assistance.

4. What should I take with me for a trip in a motorhome?

Renting a motorhome is like renting a fully furnished apartment for a holiday. The vehicles are fitted with a standard kitchen and fully equipped with cutlery, kitchen utensils, towels, dishwashing liquid, corkscrews, sieve, water glasses, wine glasses, pots, kettles, coffee plunger, bread toaster...
You’ll also have sheets, blankets, sleeping bag, clothes hangers, clothes pegs, towels...
So all you need to take with you is just your clothes and personal effects, and remember to take your international driver’s license.
To make storage easier use a soft bag or backpack, not a big hard suit case that will be difficult to store.
You’ll also need adapter plugs, a torch, CDs for the road, a beach towel, pharmaceuticals (sunscreen, mosquito repellent etc.).

5. Traditional or freedom camping?

Travelling by motorhome offers so much more flexibility than other travel options. You can travel according to your preferences, weather, choose to stay longer in one place or move camp earlier.
There are four camping options: