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Not the most exciting of subjects we know. And you may be thinking.nothing will ever happen to me. But its so important to get adequate cover especially against injury...especially if you are an adrenaline junkie!

OK, we get it. Travel insurance seems like a bit of a waste of money.funds better spent on a few extra beers. or a white-water rafting/bungee jump combo. Like we said, we get why glossing over the need for travel insurance is super-tempting. And that is probably what the few thousand backpackers every year thought too before they found themselves suddenly facing debts of thousands or perhaps sick on a serious scale and stranded far from home. Cutting corners and taking risks is all part of being young and having fun but wherever else you might be tempted to do that don't let it be with your travel insurance. Unless, of course, you have mega rich relatives.

Travel insurance is not just a compensation scheme for losses and inconveniences or something to pay medical bills - it is a shoulder to lean on in times of crisis. If you've just lost everything including your passport in a robbery; got sicker than you ever thought possible or faced having to get back home in an emergency you are going to be vulnerable and desperately in need of support. The best travel insurance policies are all about giving you the support of professionals - both practically and emotionally - when you most need it. There are loads of reputable companies to choose from but one of the leading, specialist traveller insurers are World Nomads, who are very well known in the backpacking community.

Backpackers' insurance - and endless companies to supply it - are as common these days as grass thanks to an ever-growing host of folk looking at taking gap years, career breaks and travelling longer term. That means lots of competition and wonderfully comprehensive cover for relatively little, aimed at a market who probably intend to do all kinds of crazy things. However, not all policies cover all activities and sometimes extra is charged if you intend to ski or scuba dive for example. Be sure of what activities are and are not covered by what you are looking to buy.

We grant you sifting through insurance policy wording can be tedious in the extreme but it is important you understand what all that mumbo-jumbo means. Here we try and help you understand each aspect of the typical policies around so you can be sure you end up with the perfect policy for your totally individual adventure.

The Basics

  • Cancellation – This is for eventualities where, for whatever reason, your planned and paid for trip never gets off the ground. Be aware – Compensation in part or full won't be paid for events happening weeks before if your insurance policy starts on the day you were due to fly. To cover yourself for this eventuality you will have to start your policy as soon as you pay for flights etc.

Source: www.backpackerboard.co.nz